Here’s a great starter sling that just might continue on and be an early favorite. The Jelly Bean Cargo Sling by Munchkin has taken slinging and baby carrying mainstream.
The carrier, created from breathable cotton, keeps babies up to 20 pounds, close–exactly where they want to be. With a double-wide padded shoulder strap, its comfortable to sling baby, and easy. The Jelly Bean Cargo Wrap also has many compartments, like a diaper and wipes holder and a pacifier or key loop, even a bottle holder and a spot to store your wallet and phone, making it unnecessary to lug a bag and a sling and a baby (something even many slinging pros will admit isn’t easy, or fun.)
At only $39.99, Munchkin’s new carrier (which hit stores last month) has become an excellent baby shower gift–encouraging new moms to sling babies with ease.
While shopping Munchkin, check out their Safety Bath Ducky. A token gift for any mom, this ducky tells whether bath water is too hot– not by chaging color which can lead to confusing thoughts (scratch head, hmmm, its purple? but red means hot and blue means cold… so, is my water warm??) Rather it simply states HOT when the water is too hot for baby.

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