End of week 3. Not much to say that isn’t already in my daily diary that I’ll paste below. This was a tough week. I’m SO close! But I would say that I’ve thought more about quitting these last few days than I have the entire time. It’s the weekend’s that really challenge me. Yesterday and today are better but you’ll see I almost threw in the towel over the weekend. I’ve also included my Week 3 Food Plan again.

This week’s Whole30 Diary:

Day 15: I’m feeling a little discouraged this afternoon. It took a TON of willpower for me to NOT step on the scale and see if I’ve lost any weight in the last two weeks. I’m starting to doubt that I have. I do feel more toned but that could also be that I’ve changed up my workout routine a bit and have been doing more strength training than usual. (I’m normally at the gym 5 days a week doing cardio but have recently thrownsome personal training into the mix) I also think I may be snacking too much on cashews. A handful here, a handful there – I’m aware it probably adds up on the calories and my aim this week is to try and do less of that. And I do feel way healthier so I’m trying to focus on that.

Day 17: I broke down! I stepped on the scale. As far as “cheating” goes this wasn’t a bad one since it had nothing to do with food. Nothing has entered my mouth that isn’t allowed. But stepping on the scale before your Whole30 over is something you aren’t supposed to. I was truly feeling like not only had I not lost any weight but maybe I had gained?

I panicked. I did not want to spend another 13 days eating this way if I was eating my way towards a weight gain. The good news – I have not gained, and in fact I’ve lost 3 lbs so far! It’s not a huge amount but it’s a healthy amount and I feel better knowing I can continue to eat how I am and not gain! Still very much missing wine. Especially the last 2-3 days.

Day 18: Made the tastiest lunch today! These Oven-Fried Salmon Cakes from Mel Joulwan of Well Fed 2 were DELICIOUS!

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.51.33 PM
Day 19 & 20: These two days have been VERY hard again. Day 19 we went skiing and I think post-skiing, when we were sitting in the lodge and hubby was drinking his apres ski beer, was the closest I have come yet to saying the heck with thisand having a drink. We got home and the evening was hard too. It was a Saturday so you know, that’s a cocktail night. I think I tend to eat a little more than I should on these things because I’m trying to distract myself from the non wine. And today (Sunday) I just hit a wall in terms of food options. Eggs for breakfast, eggs for lunch. I need to seriously sit down and meal plan so I get a little more diversity in my diet. I’ve hit a wall for sure but the end is getting closer…

Day 21: Better. Feeling good. Plugging along…

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.36.52 PM

Week 3 Meal Plan in a PDF

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  1. You can DO IT! You’ll be so proud when you’re done, and healthier too! Any chance you can share the recipe for the banana almond butter muffins? Those sounds delicious!

  2. Keep up the great work-you have come so far. Home stretch as you say. Giant Kudos to you!

  3. Hope your final Whole 30 week wraps up successfully! I would highly recommend that you choose a food group to add back in first and see how you feel for a couple of days. Wine or cocktail is a no brainier but separate out the other add-ins. I was very surprised to see some reactions to dairy I never would have thought of, for example. I did my Whole30 back in the Fall. Just planned to start another on 3/21. Thanks for your inspiration. 😃

    • Thanks for the comment Jenny! Tomorrow is my last day! I need to look into the reintroduction thing – don’t want to go nuts on my first day back. I am a little concerned about having sensitivity to some of the foods I haven’t eaten in 30 days. Frankly I may be a little upset if that happens since I didn’t have an issue before? But going to try and take it slowly and hope it doesn’t.

      First food reintro will be wine 😉

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