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#Whole30: It’s Day 15 & I’m Half-way! #CleanEating #Paleo

If you’re just joining me on these Whole30 posts, howdy! Here’s what you need to know about me: I love wine. I didn’t realize how addicted to sugar I was before doing this challenge.

By the time this posts, I will have hit day 15. Halfway through myWhole30. {What’s Whole30? Check out my post from last week which includes my Whole3 Week One meal plan} There was a part of me who thought I wouldn’t make it this far when I started this challenge. Today, I have no doubt I’ll make it to the end and am feeling great.

I have nothing too exciting to say other than the fact that I made it through my first really big social gathering during my Whole30. See below – I kept a daily diary (well, every few days) like I did last week. I’ll also include my meal plan again for the week.

Day 8-10: Not as much to report. It’s been pretty much smooth sailing. I’ve gotten into a groove with what I can and can’t eat and it doesn’t seem all that hard anymore. Made one of the best meals EVER the other day and have been eating it as leftovers since – Spaghetti Squash Fritters from the book Well Fed 2.

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 12.10.31 PM
The recipe doesn’t seem to be online (a lot of copy cats) so you’re going to have to settle for Googling a copy cat or getting the book. But trust me, these were delish.

Day 11-13: Day 11 I woke up with a weird 24 hour stomach bug thing so I really didn’t eat much, as you’ll see on my meal plan. Day 12 was Saturday and I had a good friend’s 40th birthday. It was my first social outing while on Whole30. I did great! I have to admit: had I been at that party in the day 1-4 range, I am sure I would have caved and had wine. For me personally, I needed to have several low key days to get into eating this way being a routine. But by day 12, piece of cake! I drank my seltzer while everyone got drunk around me and I have to say: it was pretty interesting to watch everyone being totally clear.

Day 14: Two weeks. I *think* I may have lost a few pounds but I can’t be sure and won’t be until I step on the scale once this is all over and done with on day 31. If it’s anything, I feel like it’s not much yet though. But I’m still feeling great. Looking back, I think my food choices were a little better week one because I prepared a little better. I’m headed out to shop today with a good list for this third week.

Here’s my Week Two Whole30 Meal Plan. Click if you want to get to the PDF and be able to print it out:

Whole30 Meal Plan And one more time, if you missed it, here’s my post about Week One on the Whole30 plus my meal plan

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  1. I swear I am SO impressed. I have thought about doing this so many times and just never hit the ‘do it’ button. I’ve adopted many paleo habits, but never fully given up wine 🙂 You are an inspiration – I love that you have the menus posted – I just may jump off the diving board 🙂

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