This is it – my official, “I’m doing the Whole30 again” post. I was too chicken to post when I started it last year because I was afraid I’d waiver and not stick through it but now that I’ve done it successfully once, I have much more confidence this time that I’ll muddle through this go-around.

If you’re not familiar, Whole30 is a 30-day clean eating challenge: no sugar, no alcohol, no grains or legumes. Basically you’re eating meat, veggies and fruit.

I’m actually really looking forward to 30 days of no alcohol or holiday sweets. Last time, I was able to give up everything for 30 days pretty easily except for wine. Wine was the thing I missed the most. I know I will miss it but it’s been so friggin’ much this holiday season.Holiday lunches, holiday brunches, holiday dinners. My liver cried uncle like two weeks ago so I’m really looking forward to the detox and cleanse of healthy food only. I’ll most definitely need a reminder from everyone that I said that in a week or two!

But seriously, if anyone else wants to jump on board and be a part of an online support group I started on Facebook, request access here! {Whole 30 Support Group – Jan 2017} I already have about 30 folks in there who are all starting in the next few days and I’m pumped to have people I’m doing it with. Last time I was in another group and it was more than helpful to have friends who you could commiserate with.

Just a few days left! I’ll be starting either January 1st or 2nd, depending on how my New Years Eve goes! Anyone else want to jump in with me? Do you have your own eat-healthy resolution you’ll be starting in a few days?


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