If eyes are the window to your soul, then consider Talika your professional window dresser. talika_eye.jpg
I first came across these excellent products when I sampled them at the Showtime Emmy Lounge. Talika, based in France, is a company that is devoted to skin, eye and nail care products and whose lash and brow formulations are clinically proven to improve the quality and speed of new hair growth at the lash and brow line. Good news for those who are skimpy of lash and/or brow!
I’d originally intended to choose just one item to write about, but I like several of them so much, that I would be holding out if I did not tell you about them all. So here are my faves!
Eyebrow Extender gel: This is truly a miracle of modern high tech cosmetics. And a lifesaver for the overplucked. Check out this before and after pic. The clear gel contains tiny hairlike fibers that “fill in” when you apply the product over your brow line. The company’s rep drew an utterly convincing eyebrow on the back of her hand, while demonstrating this product. A tiny brush at the tip of the applicator grooms the brow as you apply and the gel (which contains ingredients to foster hair regrowth) holds your brow shape all day without flaking.
Eyelash Liposomes: I use this one right before bed. It brushes on like mascara but is a very light clear gel. Feels like water. It has noticibly strengthened and lengthened my lashes. Which is a good thing. I like to bat them to get my way!
Conditioning eye makeup remover: This is the first gentle remover that I have used that take it all off – waterproof mascara even, without stinging, rubbing, eyelash loss and that lovely “missed a spot” next morning residue. Two pumps of the blue liquid leave your eyes totally nude and fresh. No more mommy racoon eyes in the am.
Eyebrow lipocils conditioning gel: Ok here is where I was most blown away. Because I have thin skimpy pale blond brows. To the point that it looks like I don’t have brows if you are a few yards away. And when I told my husband about this product he laughed at how gullible I am (as husbands do). I still persisted with my evening application of this gel. Then one morning a few weeks later he woke me up and said “Ummm honey? I was just looking at you and you have eyebrows! That is SO weird”. Now I have to say I do not have big bushy hairy brows now – thank goodness – but they are definitely filled in to the point that you can see they are there. And you could not before. That is my story.
I gotta say – be careful where you put this stuff. You don’t want to apply it to your chest or chin!
Talika products can be found at Skinterra. They offer free shipping and a special $35 value gift with purchase when you spend $75 or more.

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