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Gifts, parties, and the holiday season are just around the corner which has me thinking a lot about….wine. Wine really is the perfect gift. It’s easy to give, received with a smile, and it’s good for your health! But picking out just the right bottles can be tedious which is why I love the idea of giving (and receiving!) wine club memberships. I recently had the chance to sample one of the California Wine Club‘s  3-month Premier Club wine memberships.

Let me first say that it’s pretty awesome to get wine delivered straight to your doorstep. And good wine at that. Errands (otherwise known as “adventures”) are hard enough with kids without trying to navigate the glass bottle displays of the wine aisle. This month’s California Wine Club delivery included two bottles from Perry Creek Winery, a mid-sized winery in the Sierra Foothills, located just east of Sacramento, CA. Though the original shipment also included a bottle of the 2009 El Dorado Chardonnay, since I opted for the red-only packaged, I received two bottles of Perry Creek’s ZinMan Zinfandel.

For the record, I like zins. Wine with kick. Wine with umph. But this was smoother than many others, only showing a subtle spiciness that hit you on the tail-end of the sip. It wasn’t super bold or spicy, but that made ZinMan very easy on the palate, yet still holding a complexity and depth that I enjoy in the varietal. In a word, it was good. I’ve had both bottles since they’ve arrived, one with a marinara pasta dinner and the other with pork chops though I could imagine ZinMan complimenting salmon, burgers or a number of cheeses as well.

Another benefit of joining the California Wine Club is that once you’re a member of one of their wine clubs, you can also stock up on your favorite past deliveries. They offer great discounts on buying additional bottles of that month’s wine as well as previous months.

So as you’re thinking about the upcoming holiday parties you’re throwing or attending, the holiday gifts you need to give or one’s you’d like to receive, or heck, if you’re thinking about how nice it would be to find WINE in your mailbox, check out the California Wine Club. For MWS readers, they are offering 10% off any gift order you place (use code: mommieswithstyle-11), PLUS, drumroll please……..You can WIN a 1-month subscription to the California Wine Club right here! That’s right. Wine in your mailbox. For being a loyal MWS reader. Want to win? Leave a comment below with why you’d love to find wine in your mailbox. You can earn additional entries for each of the following – leave a comment telling us you did each one.

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Mommies With Style was not paid for this review. A sample of the wine club shipment was  provided for the review.

Kate Bayless is a writer, editor and lover of big, bold reds being delivered to her door. Her work has appeared in Parents, American Baby, Fit Pregnancy, iVillage and other publications. Visit her at www.katebayless.com or @katebayless.


  1. I’d love the wine in my mailbox because I seem to get stuck in a rut and always get the same thing…it’d be nice to change it up

  2. I’d love to find wine in my mailbox because we just had a party and I’m all out!

  3. I follow @cawineclub on Twitter. Smallslice

  4. I like The California Wine Club on FB. Sarah VM

  5. I would love wine in my mailbox so I wouldn’t have to drag my kids to the store and buy bananas and wine. How would it look if I just went with 3 littles to buy wine. Like I was a wino? lol 🙂

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  9. Would love it!!! Love wine!!!!

  10. I agree with you that wine is the perfect gift. And a wine club makes it even better. I look forward to getting mine each month and trying new wines.

  11. Brittany K Choleva says

    I’d love to share this gift with my Sister. We would absolutely enjoy a wine night!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  12. Brittany K Choleva says

    I follow Follow @cawineclub and @boringwineguy on Twitter!

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    I follow Follow Mommies with Style (@katebayless.) on FB!

  16. seriously this is so GREAT

  17. I would *love* wine in my mailbox because first, who doesn’t love getting free gifts? Second, my best friend’s husband works for the Post Office so I’m all about keeping them employed by utilizing the good ol’ USPS. Third, I’m trying to be a wine snob and learn more about what’s great with which foods, etc., but that’s kinda hard to do on an unemployment budget… and I wouldn’t know how to start. I’m afraid of spending even $25 on a bottle of wine that I might otherwise not like. I mean, that’s a whole lot of tomato soups, y’know?! So, if I win the Wine in the Mail; just think how much you would stimulate the entire economy!

  18. Am now following @cawineclub on twitter.

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  24. I like getting things in the mail so much that I’ll go out in the rain to get my mail when I see the mail truck go by.

  25. Please pick me!

  26. I need me some wine!

  27. I am thirsty.

  28. Please enter me. Thanks.

  29. Great contest!

  30. Love to find wine in my mailbox because we have a BIG family get-together every Thanksgiving wk-end – for Thanksgiving, the AR Razorbacks game/Black Friday & could use the wine! Besides, it sounds YUMMY!((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) TY!

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  32. New fan (hollyCunningham) on Facebook ((1955nursehjc4me(at)myway(dot)com)) Thanks for the chance….

  33. Jessica Beard says

    I would like wine in my mailbox for after my son goes to bed! jj250@aol.com

  34. I’d like to win because it would be a great surprise for my parents. That, and CA is always excluded from anything alcoholic. LOL! 😛

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    I love discovering new wine

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

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  43. Carrie Conley says

    Would love to find wine in my mailbox instead of bills or with the bills…It would make receiving them easier…

  44. Shelby Hansen says

    I would adore this wine in the mail and make it part of my party stash. A party stash is that little helper when friends drop by and you didn’t expect them. Nothing says bummer like cheap, tasteless wine. I try to keep a stash of the good stuff for company.

  45. I would LOVE to have wine in my mailbox because I just went back to work and have a newborn. I love wine, but honestly it is just a pain to go to the liquor store. It would be one less step that I have to do. With the holidays coming up and all the entertaining I do, this will be a lifesaver!