School is back in session and with that comes tons of birthday parties. We are always looking for fun and unique gifts to give. Recently we came across these super cute unicorn animals called Zoonicorns.

Zoonicorn originated from a unique idea for a children’s story that soon flourished into a dreamland of mythical creatures who create an environment in which social and emotional learning are the main themes. Zoonicorns, Valeo, Aliel, Promithea and Ene are part unicorn, part zebras, with magical wishing horns. Kiss the nose of your Zoonicorn, watch their horn light up and make a wish!

I just love how cute and cuddly these plushies are! It’s so fun to make a wish and interact with animals. You really feel like your wish will come true. Another benefit is they all make soothing sounds and use four touch points to help relieve stress and anxiety.

If you are looking for a super cute and unique gift for a birthday or the holidays, Zoonicorns are perfect. You can find Wish Me Zoonicorns on Amazon.

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