Now that my oldest son is in Kindergarten and my middle child is entering preschool this month, it’s finally time for some much- deserved “me-time” (or as much “me-time” as I can get with an almost 5 month old baby). And that brings us to Wisk –  our 3rd and last experiment is about taking some “me-time”.  We’re going to see how an oil stain (lip gloss is considered one) comes out of a hand towel.  Peanut butter and my favorite miso-ginger salad dressing are also considered oil stains.

So, Wisk provided me with a pretty hand towel and some pretty light pink lip gloss.

Then I applied the lip gloss (so much better when you smooth gloss out with your finger!)

I kissed the hand towel.

I scrubbed the stain for around 30 seconds and rinsed it under water.

And voila! The stain WAS GONE, but my lip gloss was still on (me)!

Now, for my next “me-time”, it’s time to join a gym (with childcare), so I can look workout (to lose the baby weight), while my littlest one is taken care of.

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This post is sponsored by Wisk.  I received monetary compensation for my participation, but my opinions are my own.

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