coverme.jpg Ever feel like you need a mobile home with a trailer to carry around all the accoutrements, blankets and accessories of parenthood? Does the thought of carrying even one more blanket make you instinctively rub the ever-present ache in your dominant diaper bag shoulder? Wondering if you really need a dedicated nursing cover up?
With my last child, for the sake of keeping my daily load somewhat manageable, I did not invest in nursing cover ups. Which is why, in a public pinch, I would resort to using almost anything as a makeshift cover: a sweater, the baby’s, blanket, an oversized napkin at the restaurant… Problem is, these items rarely stayed put. Next thing you know the baby was eating al fresco. Woops! So much for modesty/privacy.
I wondered whether I would break down this time around and invest in a nursing cover up. But as cute as some of them are, the idea of carrying (not to mention washing) yet another blanket, still bugs me.
And then I heard about Cover-Me clips from Little Carr.These handy and bulkless little items tuck into your pocket and take up very little room in a diaper bag. They embrace the “use what you have” philosophy, allowing you to turn the baby’s blankie into your nursing cover up.
Cover-Me clips are not just practical. They are cute as well. They come in dots and striped patterns. Rest easy, If you are the sort of person who has to match or who must have a fully dedicated nursing blanket, Cover-Me makes perfectly adorable blankets to match their clips. Use the soft cotton flannel blankets for both baby and yourself.
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