I love taking pictures. I love how easy it is to take them and share them with friends. But. But I willingly admit that when it comes to uploading I’m lazy. L—A—Z—Y. I’m the mom in the old commercial who left her kid stuck in the air off the diving board because the photos sat on her camera card. Yep. That’s me. I’m also the mom who, recently, had to download over 800 images at one time because her camera card was full. And, finally, I’m the mom who has the camera phone and NEVER knows what to do with the pictures as they sit. And sit. And sit. Clogging up the memory and the speed of her smartphone/PDA.
Does any of this sound familiar? Then I’ll tell you about an application I recently sampled that will, I promise, help you. Now available from some carriers (sadly, not mine, but it is available from T-Mobile, where I tested it) is the Photobucket Mobile Uploader from Ontela. Its so easy: you download the app to your phone and within minutes, the photo uploading step is no more. The Mobile Uploader takes every picture you take on your phone (unfortunately, not your camera, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ontela is working on that one), uploads it to your Photobucket account and sends it to your e-mail address within minutes. You do nothing more than announce “say cheese” and click.
I tested the app on a Blackberry Curve {swoon, drool, drool.}. The pictures, of course, were clear. And I was amazed that almost as soon as I took the pic I received the e-mail. Even better, when I went to my Photobucket account that evening, there was my picture. Waiting for publishing on any one of my blogs, on Facebook, or to send off to share with family.
The price for the app varies by carrier, but its minimal. And any lucky T-mobile subscribers with a compatible T-Mobile phone can go to T-Zones and download the free trial version from “Promo Apps”. This will allow a free trial of the service for 21 days with full functionality. For other carriers who currently support the app, it can be sent directly to your phone by going to mobileuploader.photobucket.com and entering your phone number and phone model.

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