About 2 years ago, I had no idea how to save or transfer computer info. Those “USB thingys” were hard to find and expensive! But now they’re everywhere and so darn reasonable that I find it easy to store all of my important documents, photos and music. And to keep them all organized.

tuffclip_black_open3 Of course, with all the choices out there, its helpful to find some that are more useful than those so easy to find. I recently used Verbatim’s Tuff Clip USB Drive  to transfer (and back-up) my personal blog. At 8GB it likely would have held several blogs. I love that a plastic cover slides over the USB part for protection. While on a recent vacation I kept it clipped to my laptop bag and my kids tought it was a keychain.

Also by Verbatim, I stored backed up financial files on a Tuff n Tiny USB Drive. Smaller than a penny, this one is easy to lose so I keep its little rope attached to a key hook in my home, but it also slides easily into  my wallet. It absolutely amazes me how much this tiny thing can hold (up to 8 GBs!)

I know they’re not exciting, but I’m thinking that USB drives are excellent stocking stuffers, yes?

Both USB drives were provided as samples by Verbatim for this review.


  1. I have a USB drive that I use for data transfer between my house and work. I also use it to have various applications on hand. You can go to PortableApps.com to get a bunch of programs (e.g. FireFox, OpenOffice.org) which can run directly from the USB drive. I also added Zoundry Raven Portable which I use to manage my blog offline from any computer. USB drives are very useful!

  2. Great tips! Of course, you went way over my head, TechyDad, but I’m learning.

    FYI, you can also get these USB drives at Amazon, Office Max & Office Depot.

  3. Hallo from South Africa! I have found your link on alltheweb. Good content! Dana J. White x

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