Our house is currently without power and last I checked, the temp was somewhere in the mid-50s and dropping quickly.

We’ve been in the same house for 12 years and we’ve been lucky on the power outage front. Our neighborhood has only lost power once for a few days and that was during the summer when we were out of town. Every other time we’ve lost power, it’s been for a few minutes or an hour at most.

So when this epic ice storm was due to roll through Tuesday night, I hit the grocery store and the whole loss of power thing didn’t even cross my mind. The power started flickering around 3 am Wednesday morning. It went on and off about 7 times (I know because I have to walk downstairs to reset the freezer alarm each time! Annoying!) and finally petered out for good at 7 am.

School was quickly cancelled and looking outside, it was pretty obvious that this ice storm was pretty severe. Hubby’s out of town so the kids thought it would be “fun.”

By about 10 am, they were no longer declaring it fun as the temp in the house started to drop and we had played just about every board game in the house.

By noon, my phone was dead, which didn’t even matter much because the cell tower near our house was obviously affected and calls and texts were barely going through.

By 1:45, I cried uncle and headed to my sister in law’s house about 20 minutes away because in one of the few texts that I received all morning, she informed me they still had power.

The drive to her house was harrowing. Not because it was icy but because I have never seen a storm take such a toll on nature in our town. Not one road I drove on was treeless. Tree limbs were all over and I had to take 3 detours just to try and get to her house.

Later in the day, my brother in law headed back with me to the house to shut off our water (to make sure pipes wouldn’t freeze) and get my cats as PECO (our energy provider) is saying it could be through the weekend that we’re without power.

I’m thankful this morning to have had somewhere I could go as reports from friends on Facebook who stayed in their power-free houses don’t sound fun. Houses are dipping below 50 degrees with no heat.

Anyway, if you guys don’t hear from me for another day or two, you now know why! And I mostly likely won’t have a Fashion Friday because the only Fashion Friday going on around here involves no shower and wearing the same outfit I wore yesterday.

Our white birch tree in our backyard which has now broken in half thanks to the ice storm.

Our white birch tree in our backyard which has now broken in half thanks to the ice storm.



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