wonder bumpers

When it ┬ácomes to keeping baby safe in their crib the doctors and experts have many rules. No blankets…no stuffed animals and the big one. No bumpers! They make breathable bumpers which I had for my son, but they certainly aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Wonder Bumpers are different. They make your child’s crib safe and comfortable, and they look fantastic.

Wonder Bumpers ($149 for 38) by Go Mama Go Designs are the safe, smart alternative to traditional crib bumpers.

What are the benefits of Wonder Bumpers?

  • Maintain Airflow
  • Protect Against Head and bodily injury
  • Can NOT be used as leverage to climb out
  • No dangerous ties
  • Keep limbs safely inside
  • Create Cozy environment without safety concerns
  • A cinch to put on and take off
  • Hassle free sheet changes
  • Versatile, reversible design options
  • Fits on almost all cribs

I love so much about these bumpers. If we first look to the practical aspects of them it’s great to know that your baby is safe in their crib. One of the negatives about breathable bumpers is that kids can still step on them to jump out. Not these. Wonder Bumpers allow for air flow through the crib, a padded area to keep your kids from bumping the rails, and won’t offer assistance to a kid trying to take the leap out of the crib. Next we can talk about the look of them. They have so many color options, and being that they are reversible you can even alternate colors! Plus because you can buy them even separately you can mix and match as much as you want.

Wonder Bumpers are everything you could want in a crib bumper, and with so many options they will go with any and every nursery. Even better? You know your baby is safe. These would make the perfect gift for any mom to be.

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