Started off the New Year right with a second round of Whole30. Or at least I thought I was starting it off right, but in the spirit of full disclosure I have to admit: this Whole30 didn’t go as well for me as it did the first time around last year.

I didn’t cheat but I didn’t eat well. I didn’t meal plan as well as I should have, and I definitely over-ate at times I was craving wine or something I couldn’t have. The bottom line is that you’re not going to lose if you’re eating a lot of calories, even if they are healthy calories.

My official weight loss today as of this morning is 5 pounds. Eh. I knew it wasn’t going to be good when I caved and stepped on the sale about halfway through and had only lost a few pounds.

So. The good and the bad with this round.

The good: I definitely helped to curb the crazy wine-drinking and cookie-eating path I was walking down all of December. My eating was kind of out of control and because it was the holidays and there was a party pretty much every day, I was drinking a lot too. Whole30 gave me a reset in the sense that I got back to healthy eating and tamed my sugar dragon.

The bad: I didn’t fully defeat the sugar dragon. True to my last Whole30 round, I never stopped wanting wine. And I think that lead to some of my over-eating. Like at that time of night where I would have one cocktail, I’d find myself eating where I wouldn’t normally.

From here on, I plan to try and keep some of the good habits but I’m looking forward to having a little wine back in my diet 😉

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