Recently I have found myself navigating my days like a nonstop spelling bee. Ever since watching the PBS show “Word World” and becoming entirely addicted to it, my three year old son has a voracious appetite for words and wants to know how to spell just about everything that crosses our path and that pops into his imagination. Including “rhinoceros eating a peanut butter sandwich”. He keeps me on my toes!
Which is why I was so thrilled to find out about the line of Word World toys that are now available at Target Stores. These toys keep the learning going long after the tv is turned off and turn your world into Word World. My favorite items are the megablocks kits that have characters whose bodies are molded from their letters (much as the characters on the show). Bear has pieces that spell “bear” , Dog spells “Dog” etc. These are all words that my son is now easily recognizing and spelling on his own, which he is very proud of.
I’ve never been a parent to push the flashcards. I believe learning should be fun and kids come to read (and spell) when they are ready. But I am amazed at how very much my son has learned, with no real pushing on my part. The way that letters and words are presented on the show and in the toys just feels natural to my son, and so he learns – effortlessly it seems. My 7 year old enjoys watching the show with him and playing with the toys as well. It tests and reinforces her skills as an emerging reader and speller. Truly it is a delight to watch them interact with these toys!
Purchase Word World toys at your Target Store or online.


  1. Deborah Starks says

    I thought I was loosing my mind, until I read your entry. When my, now 3 year old son, was an infant, I saw the exact toys you described. Fast forward three years, currently I can not find the toys, especially Bear, in Target. I totally agree with you that the episodes are fun and my son is eager to spell, too.
    Do you know if they toys are still in productions. I have searched several Targets in the Chicagoland area, my next step is to search further online. Please send any suggestions you might have, I would greatly appreciate it, and so would my S-O-N

    Much thanks,

  2. Thanks for all the info, your blog is extremely helpful.

  3. @ Deborah,
    Right there with you. With two little Word World addicts, I figured getting these toys would be an economical way to get toys that would keep them both happy. Not so much. Haven’t seen them in stores *anywhere*, and amazon and ebay carry them for 5-10 for the kind of creepy looking predescessors to the current show, 10-60 (!) for the current characters (main characters are the most expensive), and the blocks…when I started looking before Christmas, they were $50-75 for the sets. Now, they’re not available for less than $199!! WTF, over?
    Seriously people?
    I’m trying to research what the squeeze is on supply to make these things so flippin pricey…these are NOT prices I will pay for pre-school age toys, which get lost, crunched, filthy, puked on, whatever all else. But that also means that my kids don’t get toys of their favorite show. I guess that what they don’t know won’t hurt them, but this is HIGHLY frustrating.

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