Today’s post will deviate from my usual.  These thoughts are inspired by Donald Driver, who you may know as a former Wide Receiver for the Green Bay Packers. These were my first thought when I heard he was speaking: Fun!  Donald Driver!  I loved him on my Fantasy Football team when he played!  Yay Football! Yah Green Bay Packers!

What I didn’t know is that Donald Driver is so much more than football.  He’s done some other cool things (like win Dancing with the Stars) and written a children’s book series but he also has the Donald Driver Foundation, an organization dedicating to helping single Moms get on their feet by providing them with shelter and items they need to raise their children in a safe home.

Donald Driver had a rough upbringing – at a point in his life he didn’t have food and water and lived out of a UHaul truck with his single mother and siblings.

You can see a video of his story here (warning – you might cry watching it – as I did when he spoke last week!  His MOM is his hero & his family & faith are everything to him. He is such an awesome guy.)

The words he spoke at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference were truly inspiring.  He offered tidbits like, “you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”, and “Don’t blog for attention, blog to change someone’s life.”

It really got me thinking and spurred a discussion both at our table at the conference and later, in some social media online groups I’m in.  Does my blog inspire greatness?  Are my posts epic?

No.  I blog because I like it but I won’t lie and will 100% admit that I blog because this is a business.  The things I do in social media help to feed and pay the bills for my family.  This is my job.  Is it noble?   Some of the Moms at our table were absolutely foot-down firm in the answer being YES, it is noble to blog to support your family.

I’m not so sure that noble is the right word choice.   It’s admirable because we all work to support our families and we work hard.  And that is wonderful.  But Donald’s words had me thinking – I have this platform with thousands of people reading and listening.  What can I do to really make a DIFFERENCE?  How can I do some good?  If you’re blogging for business and you have a platform (fashion, fitness, food, kids being mine), not every post will be inspiring and epic.  There’s just no way and that’s not the point.  But that’s also not to say that some can’t be.

Food for thought.  I won’t be changing anything content wise but Donald’s words left an impression.  I’d like to look to the future and see myself doing something with the power of my words and voice that can do some good and make some changes for the better in people’s lives.  Even if it’s just something small.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 1.18.32 PM Donald Driver at the Disney Social Media Moms Conference, April 2014. Photo credit Josh Hallett



  1. It seems to me that your blog does make a difference. There are many new mothers out there who need the information you provide. You also review many worthwhile products that your reader would not necessarily be aware of. I also have seen you comment on relative issues of the day that affect your readers. Yes, you certainly make a difference!!!

  2. I agree with, Brenda! You save your readers a lot of time and money spent hunting for the perfect things! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  3. He was hands-down my favorite during DSMM. So inspirational!

  4. I absolutely love Donald Driver and love to hear that he was so inspirational. How amazing!

    This post sparks such an interesting conversation. I agree that your blog has immense value to readers and, you inspire your peers and friends, too. I also think we can’t discount the fact that you are doing something that is valuable to YOU – both personally and financially – and THAT is worth something.

  5. Wonderful thoughts and inspiration! There is nothing more meaningful and fulfilling than giving. You are a giver, Whitney.

  6. So great, Whitney. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Agree with everyone’s comments. Meaningful post.

  8. I love the quote about greatness and getting started, it’s so true. I’ve seen so many people say that hearing him speak was amazing!

  9. Whit,
    I will concur that what you do is admirable and the content you provide helps people make choices on consumer products as well as giving them a place to go to realize that their family is normal, after all. By letting (especially first time) parents know that mistakes will happen, that there will be bandages and long nights worrying about the consequences of our words, actions and emotions we direct towards our children. We will also see first steps, first words and countless graduations of every kind of variety. The puppy dog effect will be in full force…before we know it they will be older and their personalities will begin to shine, despite the fact we still see the little one that only had our arms for transportation as we buy them their first car. You a mother, wife, sister (in law too), daughter, grand-daughter and you weave all these roles into the stories you tell on this site, which has an audience hungry for reassurance that they are doing just fine. By relating to your readers, they are able to relate back to you, and it is in this reciprocity that you will find your most epic posts…the ones that seem so mundane and ordinary…imperfect…human. We are social beings and you have mastered the art of society. You have one of the most desired things in life, and you have it in droves: another soul (or thousands in this case) that is willing to listen to you speak and hungry to learn that we all stumble…some recover, some fall, but we all stand back up. Parenting can be beautiful, it can also be scary as hell…just keep sharing the highlights, both good and bad, and you’ll have accomplished exactly what Mr. Driver said to do.

  10. I totally get where you’re coming from. I want to feel like I made a difference in this world when I leave it. But you know you just may be a hero to the harried mama who needed a lifeline. The escape that she got by reading your lovely blog might be just what she needed. And she just might be raising a wonderful little person who’s going to save the world someday. Just my two cents. 🙂

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