No, I’m not pregnant, and should I become so, rest assured you’ll be one of the first to know.
But should I become pregnant, this time I’d like to find out. Yes, I’m talking gender. And, for now, I’m tempted to find out because in my guest room (ie possible future nursery) is a very mod, very chic, 5-piece set of baby bedding for an adorable little girl Skip*Hop’s Vine Floral collection.
Skip*Hop recently sent over their newest addition to their product listing. Included in the 5-piece set are a 36×42 inch comforter, bumper, 2 fitted crib sheets (one solid, one patterned) and a (get this!) reversible cribskirt. (I just love that its reversible–talk about a clever piece to change up a look.)
Not surprisingly, the quality is stellar. And the price, extremely reasonable. You’re getting all 5 pieces for less than $250. But back to the quality–all pieces are 100% cotton and have a 385 thread count; soft enough for my future possible baby. I love the thickness of the bumper and comforter, too. Some bumpers have a way of scrunching down with gravity, over time. But the Skip*Hop’s filling is thick enough that I don’t see gravity having much effect–in between the 2 sides of the bumper is about 1 inch of filling. And I adore the comforter. On the one side is the theme fabric. The reverse is a minkee-like polyester plush velour (too much of a mouthful, so just keep in mind super soft.)
The flowers are light and salmon pinks, and the vine-colors range green and brown. So its a mod look in preppy colors. Very stylin’. The set looks great against nearly any color wall–on Skip*Hop’s site they show it against a brown and white setting. Yet I’ve displayed it in a pale yellow room and it pops and still looks fantastic.
As for accessories, keep with the theme and you’ll find a matching pillow, lamp and shade, baby blanket and a wall organizer.
Alas, should the possible future baby be a boy, I think its time to put away the sailboat bedding I used for both C & W. Skip*Hop also introduced a gender-neutral (with a small sway to the male) Mod Dot Collection. All the same features and qualities.
Want a set? No problem! Check MWS next week for news of how to win your own Vine Floral Skip*Hop Bedding Collection. Or just head over to Skip*Hop’s website and place your order. Seriously, mix the price with the quality and you just can’t pass this up. Even if you aren’t really pregnant!
While you’re purchasing at Skip*Hop, hop over to their diaper bags. They introduced 2 fun springy fabrics (blossom and pink links) last month–and if you love the Vine Flower, trust me, these bags are screaming for you.)

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