After one too many margaritas and cheese & cracker cocktail hours this summer, I’m trying to lose a few pounds. So I’ve kicked it into high gear with the gym and trying to go most days this fall. Which means I needed more workout clothes. (and hey, if I’m getting more clothes, I have to justify it by actually going and working out, right? Motivation!)
Traditionally, I’ve been a Lucy or Target fan for exercise clothes but recently tried out some Reebok outfits. Good old Reebok didn’t fail me, and there is a reason they are a leading manufacturer in the sports apparel industry. My favorite by far has been the Women’s Crew Tee – which I bought earlier in the summer and just love. The price is right $14.97, it’s form fitting and made of a stretchy cotton. Very comfortable.
And I’m also a big fan of the Skort for the gym now – I always feel kind of silly in short shorts but it’s hot to be stepping in long pants, especially during the hot summer and fall days. Reebok also sells a Skort for $29.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods.
In fact, a lot of this stuff is exclusive to Dick’s – check it out, they offer free shipping on orders over $99.

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