jawbone2 It definitely doesn’t look like much – it literally can fit in the palm of your hand and while I had read some pretty decent reviews about the Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker ($129.99 on Amazon), I was skeptical.

But a couple of months ago, our old speaker broke and we didn’t have any means of listening to any tunes.  Hubby’s 40th rolled around and I picked up the Jawbone Jambox at my local Sams Club, figuring it was worth a shot.  Hubby and I are both in love with this little speaker.

It connects via Bluetooth technology very easily.  We paired it with my iPhone and have been using it with my iTunes library and with my Songza app (like Pandora).  Awesome.  It reaches pretty far as it worked when I had my phone a few houses away and the speaker was in the kitchen!  Also it’s very portable (I’ve tucked it into my purse to travel to friends and away for the weekend several times now!

We got black but it comes with all of those fun colors above – they cost a bit more, click through to see the different prices based on the color, the black Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker is $129.99 on Amazon.

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