Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 10.04.53 AM LOOK!!!!  I just got home from my morning run and this was on my doorstep courtesy of Activision.  I am DYING!  We are just Skylanders fans in our house (older Mommies with Style Skylanders posts) and you guys may have heard that Activision released their latest version of the game – Skylanders Swap Force – yesterday on October 13th.  Some of the familiar characters are back but they of course have new ones and the big deal with this game is that some of the actual figures swap pieces (a head fits over a different body and you get to combine powers of the characters)

Cole’s 7th birthday is coming in early November and last year when Giants was coming out (in October, again!) I was really good and held off giving it to him until his birthday.  But it was a painful three weeks of friends talking about the game and all of us dying to try it out.

And now the above pict is sitting on my countertop.  I’m so tempted to open it, play it and not tell the kids.  Hmm, would that be bad of me? 😉

Not sure if we’ll make it ’til early November but either way we’ll be playing this latest one like crazy within the next few weeks.  If you have a Skylanders fan in your house too, you can buy Skylanders SwapForce at any major retailer now – it’s $74.99 with free shipping on Amazon.

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