My aunt sent me this forward and I happened to click it open. It’s several photos of renovations that someone did to the inside of a church to turn it into a private residence. As I looked at the photos, I thought – how cool, what a unique looking house and what an amazing job they did inside.

But look at the very last picture. I’m not sure I could live there day in and day out knowing who my “neighbors” were.

What about you? Could you live in this renovated church turned residence?


  1. Absolutely! It’s gorgeous! But…it may take me a little while to get use to going outside at night 🙂

  2. No noisy neighbors!!!

  3. agree with Brenda- no loud wild parties at night from the neighbors. . . or wait-.. just maybe there would be . . hmmm. .a little ghostie music here.. . .

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