Love your mobile device, but need some protection for it?  Wrapsol’s Ultra is a line of adhesive films that provides both drop and scratch protection for portable and mobile devices. You can get versions that will protect iPhones and iPod touches, Blackberries, Motorola (including the Droid) and Sony PSP and several other devices. Wrapsol Ultra is twice as strong as other scratch-proofing films and goes on in about a minute.

It protects the entire device front to back, with a strong, flexible film and also provides shock protection. It actually evolved from automobile paint and bumper protection.

I found it really easy to put on — it uses a dry process (no fooling around with wet materials). Align the film, tack it down, smooth it on. An air bubble-releasing adhesive that is unique to Wrapsol ultra ensures the smoothest application possible. And if you have some air bubbles, don’t worry — they will work themselves out in a few days.

For every Wrapsol scratch-proof protection system sold, the company makes a donation to Cool Earth, a non-profit organization that helps protect endangered rainforests world-wide. Wrapsol products come in recycled, reusable and 100% recyclable packaging and start at $24.99.



  1. Oh how cool while protecting the rain forests all at the same time. I’m forever dropping my phone which my kids this is just hysterical!

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