wubba1.jpg When my three year old son was born, we started our love affair with the Soothie line of Pacifiers. We’d picked one up in the hospital and a savvy nurse advised us to take home a few extra, seeing as how our newborn son loved them immediately. That first week those three soothies were like solid gold. When the dog decided she liked them almost as much as the baby, I had my first new mom panic attack.
If only we’d had some Wubbanubs, we would have been so much better off!
Back then Soothie Pacifiers were not sold at any stores in my area. I heard a rumor that Walmart had some but everytime I made a pilgrimage to the local Walmart store, the shelves were bare and I came home sans soothie. Down to our last precious binky, I ended up ordering a full case of them (shipped overnight!) from a medical supply company. Forty binkies to be precise. Which was a good thing since they did have a tendency to fall, bounce and roll like no other binky we’d ever tried. Gone in a flash. I imagine us leaving a virtual trail of green silicon pacis, whereever we went. They are still turning up three years later, in closets and under dressers.
With my current baby I am going in prepared. Prepared not only with a (now much easier to find) stash of the original pacis, but with the new twist on them – the sanity saving Wubbanub!
Wubbanubs are nothing short of brilliant. They are small babysafe stuffies with the all important Soothie paci sewn right into the seams. Their design has been approved by the JPMA and has been put through the most vigourous of safety standards. The slight weight of the animal keeps the soothie in place near your child (and hopefully off the floor and away from the dog!). The attached toy also provides added comfort and makes it so much easier for your baby to grasp and manipulate that pacifier themselves. It also means fewer bouncing, rolling, and lost pacis and less rooting around in the bed, stroller, bag etc to find where the paci went.
Celebrity moms love Wubbanubs. Denise Richards, Joely Fisher, Ricki Lake and Angela Bassett are all fans. Purchase yours at the Soothie Pacifier Store. You can choose from one of six adorable designs or order the entire set.

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