According to the game “Brain Age,” my brain is 46 years old. Or at least acts like that of a 46 year old. Oh and “you’re tired,” is what I was told after playing some practice games on Brain Age on the Nintendo DS Lite today. (Gee, thanks!)
The game goes through a series of random brain teasers – testing verbal and math skills and then uses some sort of system that’s been developed to figure out the age your brain is functioning at. I was 46, poor hubby’s brain is functioning at that of a 52 year old.
Just to be funny, I want to write into the programmers and ask if they’ve factored in random biases like how taking care of a four and one year old all day may tire your brain as well. But, nothing’s perfect, right? And it was fun to do the little exercises (and my four year old got a kick out of watching us play – and I have to figure that his running commentary while I tried to race through the timed challenges couldn’t help – right? Anything to make excuses.)
For last minute shoppers, the Nintendo DS with games is always a fun little gift that’s sure to be a hit. I hadn’t really thought of it as being something for adults but they definitely cater towards the older generation with games like Brain Age and Brain Age 2 (Sudoku on the first one!), and Cooking Mama 1 and 2. This is a great gift for someone who commutes on a train, or by plane and has the time to use one of these.
Of course, there are tons of games out there for the younger generation as well. And the technology is so beyond this Mommy – DS users can message one another and play games against one another using WiFi technology.
You can find it on Amazon (last day for free shipping today). I was in Circuit City yesterday asking for it and they were sold out of all units at my local store so it’s obviously a popular holiday gift. It’s $129.99. Games are typically around $20 each.

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