My 3-year-old talks about when he’s “big, like 6 or 7” being able to skate at our local skate-park. So you can imagine how thrilled he was when he learned he can practice now with the Yo Baby Practice Board. It allows kids to practice their ‘boarding skills inside — perfect for the cold winter and rainy spring days ahead. A plastic skateboard, sans wheels, it provides plenty of enjoyment mixed in with a little (!) exercise. (shh! don’t tell the kids.)
Hop on board and work out — you’ll work on balance, muscle tone, and cardio. Use your imagination and you’ll be suprised at what a great “boarder” you are. (That’s right, even though my boys received these for the holidays, I’ve been seen closing my eyes and surf-, skate- or snowboarding. Sure, its made for kids, but Mommies play Candyland, too, right?)
For only $10, this is a great gift for the aspiring ‘boarder.

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