yomybooties.gifHow can you not be obsessed with a baby bootie that is as soft, fluffy, puffy and luxurious as Yo My Booties? There may be plenty of cute booty stops on the baby booty train, but Yo My Booties are the final destination. The be all and end all of cute baby footwear. Yo My Booties are not for the average baby. They are for the baby that has arrived!
I was interested to see how the booties were made, because I was concerned about whether they would stay on a real baby’s feet. I am happy to report that these puffballs have elastic in the cuff so you do have a prayer of not losing them. I’m not too worried about my pair as I am sure I will be obsessively petting my baby’s feet , every five moments, while he has them on. My two older daughters have already begged for
a. these booties in their size, and
b. these booties for their baby dolls, and
c. to please please please let them hold these booties.
Not till I am done stroking them, children! Back off. I find myself compelled to yell, Yo! MY booties!
Made out of angora, these booties are available in a rainbow of colors to suit any style and gender. They make a fabulous (if a little frivolous) and memorable baby shower gift. I know I’d want to kiss the pal that sent me a pair.
Celebs love Yo My Booties too – Jenna Elfman was recently photographed with Story Elias Elfman wearing his pair. Other celebrity parent fans include Will Ferrel, Ben Affleck & Jen Garner, Jessica and Jerry Seinfeld.
Order your own fuzzy wonders on the Yo My Booties website.

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