You may recall a review of Yoga Kids–Yoga DVDs created for children that my family had really taken to. We recently stepped it up a notch, when we were sent a Yoga mat from Lotuspad.
If you’re familiar with Pilates, the Lotuspad is similar to the thicker mat that we stick under our sticky-mats to provide for comfort. But the Lotuspad is made for kids–in size and structure. The eco-friendly pad is completely free of PVC, different from all other yoga mats and pads. Its smaller and thicker than an adult pad, too. So that the less-than-graceful downward facing dogs don’t end with a painful bounce on the thin pad over the floor, these pads measure 3-5 mm. Available in 3 colors and 2 sizes, kids will take to the pads made for them. And so may their moms. I’ve been cat-stretching on the mats for superior knee protection from my hardwood floors, and enjoying the firm cushion they create.
Brand new to the Kids Yoga industry, Lotuspad is offering special introductory prices on all their products: $26 for the pad, and $15 for their unique carry straps. Want more than one pad? For a limited time, you’ll get an even greater discount of 2 pads for only $48.
Unsure if your child is right for Yoga? I loved the article found on the Lotuspad website. It explains the many reason ways that Yoga is healthy for the mind and body: in children, too.

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