This beautiful personalized dinnerware arrived Tuesday and I was just too excited to serve a special Valentine’s breakfast on them this morning. (The breakfast food was a definite miss, but the plates and the Sok-O’s were HUGE gifting hits. My 4-year old’s only complaint? “They weren’t real presents, Mommy. No one wrapped them in heart wrapping paper.”)
Crafted on melamine, Mayfly and Junebug’s dishes are dishwasher safe, but not microwaveable. The 10″ size is perfect. Like many, my boys aren’t keen on foods touching (apparently, that’s ewwy), so I love how large these plates are. Most children’s plates are too small for a spoonful of peas and a piece of chicken. But the generous size allows for peas, chicken, cranberry sauce and stuffing–all without touching! (Just don’t let those peas roll). From nearly 50 colorful designs to choose, you’re certain to find a plate perfect for that next birthday party gift or special occasion.
Its all about motivation, and if an adorable personalized plate can truly motivate a finished meal, then I’m more than happy to add that to my kitchen. Select yours at BaileyBea Designs and save 20% with code MWS20.

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