Okay so I’m not pregnant, but I was very tempted to eat the entire bag of these new Belly Bar Chews. Made by Nutrabella and the same folks who make the Belly Bar (which you’ve probably seen in the aisle at the grocery store next to the Power Bars), Belly Bar Chews are small “candies” made to satisfy that sweet craving you have while pregnant – but the icing on the cake is that they are full of all sorts of nutritional goodies your body and baby will love. They’re basically packed with prenatal vitamins like iron, calcium, protein and vegetarian Omega-3 DHA. All great stuff for a pregnant or nursing Mama to ingest.
Right now they come in two yummy flavors – Citrus on Board and Chocolate Cuddles. Take your pick pregnant Moms (or get both!). Each bag contains 30 pieces and they range from $8.99-11.99 depending on where you buy them. Find them in store at Babies R US or online at the Nutrabella website. If you buy them in-store, be sure to click on “download a coupon” on the bottom right of this page to print out a coupon and receive a discount.
And in case you all are wondering, although I was very tempted to keep the bag for myself (yum), I did pass it along to a brave Mommy friend of mine who is thirteen weeks into her third pregnancy.

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