How much did you spend on your last manicure with tip? $20? $25? And how much time did you spend getting to the salon and getting the nails done?

Last question: how long did the manicure last?

What if I told you there was a way to spend $11-13, do your own manicure in 10 minutes and have it last twice as long.

Yah, I was pretty skeptical too. I had tried Jamberry Nails years ago and didn’t love them so when I heard a friend had joined a new company, Color Street, I wasn’t sure what I would think. They look like little stickers for your nails.

The difference is that these “stickers” are made out of real nail polish. They smell like real nail polish and may apply differently but look like it and last longer.

This new direct sales company literally just debuted in June. My friend Teri has joined them on the ground floor and I headed over to her house recently to try out the product. I thought it was great.

Here’s a few things to note:
1) I’m low maintenance. Like big time. Doing my nails at home? Meh. Not interested. But this was truly time and cost saving and easy for someone else like me.

2) I need things to be EASY. I actually have shaky hand syndrome and thought I wouldn’t be good at this but application was a breeze for the most part.

3) You literally press these on, use your own nail to file them down to fit and you’re done and good to go. No drying time, no wait time, no need to heat them to stick them on your nails.

Pretty nifty, right? Here’s a few photos of my finger nails with some samples I applied at Teri’s house. You can see where I cut the one off too soon – that didn’t happen with wear but my own first-time user error! I think the rest of my nails look great:

They come in a pack like this:

You get the strips for your nails, a small nail file and little wipes to clean your nails off before you apply. The orders are anywhere from $11-13 depending on what pattern/color you select and it’s currently buy 3, get the 4th free on regular and patterned colors and it’s buy one, get one free for the French Manicures.

As you need to order them from a direct sales rep, you can order them through my friend Teri’s Color Street website. Teri’s offering a nice deal too – if you order from Mommies with Style, email her after you order and she’ll include some free samples. Also she will donate $5 for every set of the breast cancer design that’s sold so please note that to her too if you order. (Her

Let me know what you think! And if you like them, hey, maybe it’s a new gig for you – if I didn’t have a million other jobs I would have considered selling because it’s always nice to get in with one of these companies when they are first starting out. (Can you imagine all those folks who joined the first 3 months of Stella & Dot or Isagenix?)

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