I’m scientifically challenged. It’s truly a wonder I ever got through high school chemistry. I think the teacher only passed me out of pity. And the same goes for math. So I often wonder what I’ll do when the days come that my boys come home with questions that I can’t answer.
That said, it’s nice when I find something like the Young Scientists Club that helps me teach my kids and inspire them in ways I may not be able to (not without help, anyway!). You can engage your kids and give them an early start with some scientific curiosity by using the kits from the Young Scientists Club.
The Kits are for ages 4-12, which is definitely a wide age range so with younger kids you obviously need to supervise. We tried two kits (my son is 3.5), but the one we had the best time with was the Magnets. And he had a blast: various magnets are marked N and S for the opposite sides. We played with what happens when you put two Ns together, two Ss, and then what happens when you put an N and an S together. It encouraged me to teach him about magnets, how they repell and how they come together. We also taped a magnet to the top of a car (a car toy came with the kit) and then used another magnet to push it along. He loved it! He even proudly showed (and explained) it to my husband later that night.
You order this product as if it’s a magazine subscription – either once or twice a month, and you can cancel at any time. You basically get charged each month when a kit ships to you. Or you can opt to prepay and you get free kits when you do so. (The details are on the How to Order page. You can see the list of kits here.)
Use coupon code MWS0607 and you’ll receive a free sand dollar with fact card, and a pencil pouch full of several gifts including a magnifying glass, memo pad, pencil and ruler.


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