Growing up in a house full of boys boys boys I always worried that I was doing the girly things all wrong. My mom wasn’t a ton of help – a self professed tomboy kind of girl, she never fussed with make-up or had patience for heels. When it was time for me to learn how to shave my legs she scoffed that like her, I was so hairless that there was no point (and she may have been right, but it was the ritual that I wanted to take part in).
goddess.jpgOh how I longed for a sister, a really cool one. The kind that told you where to spritz your cologne for maximum sexiness, how to pluck your eyebrows, the difference between a regular and brazillian wax and what purse designers really mattered. My imaginary cool sister knew where to get a drink in Marrakech and where to get a bagel in Manhattan. She wrote out my packing list before I left for Paris for the first time and she told me how to get into the best nightclubs. And of course she told me what to wear. When I got too tipsy and spilled red wine on a silk dress, she knew how to get it out and also what to do about that hangover.
Later in life I gave up on the notion of the dream sister, but I still subconciously emulated her. I’d catch a glimpse of her in a magazine article or on the internet, in some humorous and incredibly wise advice column I’d scanned. I’d think maybe I saw a little better version of myself in her, and I’d adopt her ways.
Little did I know my sister was out there all along. Proof of her existence landed in my mailbox recently, in the form of a lovely little velvet flocked tome called The Goddess Guide. Her name is Gisele Scanlon and she is much much hipper than me, but that’s ok, because she is willing to share and she is never pretentious. She has chatted with Christian Louboutin (and reveals why the soles of all his shoes are that heart stopping crimson). She has notes from Heidi Klum’s trainer. She knows where to stay in Finland.
This book is more than a guide to the girly perplexed. It is a reference manual for all aspiring fashionistas. From how to decorate your first apartment to insider info about how to get a famous artist to paint a portrait of the contents of your purse, you will find yourself turning to this book again and again. The artful illustrations, embroidery and photography throughout the book are a visual feast in and of themselves. I’d say to leave it out on the coffee table but then your friends might try and nab it, along with all your sister’s secrets, and we can’t have that can we?
If you don’t get this book, you may never learn the 8 main kinds of bra, and which one you need. Seriously, every time I pick this book up I learn something new. Who knew there was a restaurant in Switzerland where you can experience blindness by eating in complete darkness? My sister did!
Treat yourself or your real life sister, to a copy of The Goddess Guide. You will not be sorry.

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