I know your kid is super cool. But does your toddler have all the moves of a skate pro? Can he do the board flipping tricks and spins that the big kids do at the local skate park? Does he have the balance and control to surf the waves?

Don’t laugh… Your toddler probably has more potential than you realize. And you don’t need to buy rolls of bubble wrap padding and pop a valium to find out. You have only to get one of these innovative Yo Baby boards from GarageCo toys.
Small and portable, these training boards can be used on grass, sand or carpet. They improve balance and teach kids how to do all kinds of cool tricks without serious risk It’s a great way for kids to build skills and get confident with the moves before they head out and try it on a real board. This is sure to minimize future injuries.
Yo Baby boards are a healthy alternative to couch potato afternoons and a perfect way to burn off some steam on a rainy afternoon. Watch the video for specific lessons and to see the board in action!

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