B000K7UBYS.01._AA240_SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpgWhen my girls first heard the news that Zoey 101, the Complete First Season was being released on DVD, they literally jumped for joy. And then, secretly behind their backs, my husband and I high-fived. We’re all Zoey 101 fans, and have long had our Tivo set to record episodes.
The thing I love most about Zoey 101, is the thing that is missing. Nasty, snide, backstabbing reparte by the main characters. The heroes and heroines of this show are refreshingly kind, respectful and real. Also missing is canned laughter and tired teen jokes. The stories are witty, funny, intelligent and engaging. It’s amusing even if you are not a tween or teen.
In case you are not familiar with Zoey and Pacific Coast Academy (PCA), let me give you a quick primer. PCA is a recently turned coed institution. Zoey moves into dorm room 101, and finds that she and her new friends have a lot of groundbreaking to do as the first females on campus. From taking on the basketball team to repurposing a urinal, the show kicks off on the premise of equality, but it doesn’t stagnate there. Over the course of the season, as characters evolve and we get to know them, the real story is one of friendship.
Most people know that the title character, is played by Jamie Lynn Spears (AKA Britney’s little sister). But it doesn’t take long before you recognize Jamie in her own right. And while Zoey may be the star of the show, her pals are the pillars. This is a true ensemble cast and that is part of what makes the show work. Their interactions feel genuine and make the viewer feel a part. And dialogue has a purpose that is not always about the sarcastic punchline. That’s refreshing in a tween show!
Not a night has gone by, since we got this DVD, that we have not watched it. And even as I type, my husband is chuckling about something that Zoey’s best friend/love interest Chase just said. If you have a daughter between 6 and 16, this is a definite must for your DVD collection. Check it out on Amazon. The two disc collection contains bloopers, some behind the scenes footage and a previously unseen episode, “Quarantine”.


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